Humans as WiFi-enabled devices

'Kúnlé Adébàjò
3 min readMay 19, 2022


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Author’s note: Everything you are about to read is the product of one midnight’s musings. It is unrefined. And probably stupid. No additional research has been conducted. Reader’s discretion is therefore advised.

If we’re to be scientifically absolute, then thinking of humans as Wi-Fi-enabled devices makes a bit of sense. That we are not wired to only receive stimuli from our physical environment through sight, hearing, touch, etc, but also signals through a spiritual wavelength that’s invisible to us. That we are all connected in a spiritual way.

The other day I was watching the TEDx speech of a physicist and tech entrepreneur who tried explaining how everything was connected using science. One interesting thing he mentioned was how all of humankind and all complex animal species on earth evolved from a single chloroplast that managed to trap sunlight underwater and go through photosynthesis, and how this eventually led to the formation of the Ozone layer as well as made land habitable for the complex-celled animals that would later come to the scene. How even the stars and planets are formed by the same space dust collapsing into each other. How our beating hearts rely on the same iron from this space dust to sustain our lives.

Perhaps there’s something about emerging from the same substances, even if this was billions of years ago, that connects us on a truly spiritual level. And since we don’t have wires connecting our minds to one another, it has to be deeper than that.

Maybe it is through our dreams that our consciousnesses unite once again, or maybe it goes beyond that.

This would explain a number of things, wouldn’t it? Like the connection a mother allegedly often feels towards her children, that she sometimes knows when something is wrong with them. So, the child receives her phone calls and her prayers and her cash transfers somehow when they desperately need them. Feels miraculous.

Or the mystical connection between twins, even though this, I read sometime, hasn’t been empirically well established by social scientists.

Maybe it is also why we get these crazy bursts of creativity. It is like the universe feeding into us. Which reminds me of a mind-breaking YouTube comment I read days ago. Might be under the same TEDx video I referenced earlier. We are not a human being experiencing the universe, it said, but the universe experiencing a human being. Or something like that.

Maybe it’s also why there’s the expression that creative ideas fly through space like asteroids or snowflakes and then they fall on us and we are called visionaries or prophets or geniuses for being able to interpret those ideas and show them to the world in a mutually intelligible language.

And why do we assume these ideas float in the air? Maybe it is not the air at all. But the ground. After all, thoughts are nothing but electric currents in the brain. And actions are nothing but the electricity and chemicals from the brain sent to different muscles. So maybe we all derive our spiritual energies and creative bursts from our physical connection to the ground. Maybe it is why being closer to nature at its purest feels regenerative on a deeper level. Maybe we feed into it too. Besides, the earth’s core is full of electromagnetic energy. Maybe it is why the link between the living and the dead remains strong, because the soil unites us all, both parties at separate ends of the surface.

We are all connected to one another, some people to each other more than others, and we are all connected to the universe as children are to their mothers, as trees are to their roots.

And what are souls if not MODEMs that plug us into the endless vastness of the cosmos? And what is spirituality if not the activation of one’s soul? A union with the subconscious.



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